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Confidentiality Statement

All SIM transcriptionists are required to adhere to and sign the following Confidentiality Statement:

There will be no communication, written or oral, within or outside the offices of SIM concerning any aspect of a patient's life or treatment (including medical, social, psychological, family circumstances, financial circumstances or life style) in an identifiable manner.

The basis of this policy is ethical.  As a Medical Transcription Company, we have a professional position of trust to uphold.  This policy also serves as a legal protection for the patient (Privacy Act of 1974), the employee, and the Company.

It is further the policy of SIM that all information concerning salaries is confidential, and is not to be discussed in any manner with any other employee, former employee, or contract worker.

Having been notified by SIM of its Confidentiality Policy and fully understanding it, I agree that any violation of this policy is my responsibility and can be grounds for dismissal from my position and the basis of legal action.

I further agree that when I leave the employ of SIM, no information concerning any patient is to be communicated, written or orally, to any other party.

I also agree not to reveal any information concerning clients, lists of customers, or information pertaining to the employees, customers, vendors, or suppliers of SIM.  Also, I will not discuss how lines are counted or work is processed.




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